Commercial And Industrial Fans A Necessity In The Workplace

Industrial fans and their products are not a luxury but a necessity in many industries across the globe. HVLS fans are choice industrial fans and a needed appliance for the agricultural industry, all varieties of manufacturing companies, loading docks, restaurants, kitchens, laundry mats, automated car washes, retail stores, gyms, office settings, hospitals, military, universities, schools, and the list continues. Industrial fans require parts and service at some point.

A Bit of History of HLVS Fans

The HLVS fans, a large part of Industrial equipment, and parts were initially meant for agricultural areas such as barns, produce areas, equine facilities, and dairy farms. It is not practical to use air conditioning in these areas because many stands open to the outside making air conditioning impossible.

Industrial fans whether attached to the ceiling, wall or the floor, are meant to meet coding rules and regulations for air control, circulation, and regulation. Industrial fans help to make employees more comfortable in a warmer than normal atmosphere, by providing reliable cooling for all areas as listed above. The airflow from HVLS fans dissipates heat and stagnant air. Areas not suitable to run air conditioning include but are not limited to barns, airplane hangars, schools, large churches, large space corporations, transportation terminals, and distribution centers.

The HVLS Fan (High-volume low-speed industrial fan)

HVLS fans are either commercial or industrial. These fans are larger in size and measure at least seven feet in diameter. Any of these industrial fan products boise id are frequently seen gracing ceiling while a few are mounted on poles. These industrial fans move slowly but they distribute larger amounts of air. Depending on the location of the industrial fan consumers have a variety of options to fit every need and circumstance. The variety products for industrial fans include blower fans, ceiling and beam fans, desk and floor fans, floor dryer or blower fans, home and office fans, misting fans, outside fans as seen on loading locks, and workstation fans, and more. There seems a limitless array of fan sizes, colors, and shapes which is a choice of the consumer.

Benefits of Knowing Where to Buy Fan Products and Parts

It is vital to keep your industrial fans well-tuned and to replace parts as soon as possible because these fans are highly cost-effective and use less energy. The fans provide marked comfort for animals and employees. These fans eliminate possible heat stroke and heat stress, cooling body temperatures at least ten degrees lower.

When employees are more comfortable, they are happier and job productivity increases. Companies see increased profits when employees work in a temperature that is more conducive to the body. Too much heat in a workplace drains the body’s energy and work output tends to drastically decrease.

What to Look for in an HVLS Fan

Gather the following information so that a representative can help your company make the right product choice. Know your building measurements. Technical drawings and available voltage must be known. Are there any obstructions to installing an HVLS fan? The budget must be considered. Know the needs of your company. Know what warranties are available and then plan to have the HVLS fan installed as soon as possible. Your employees will thank you.