Reasons to Use Aluminum Piping for Compressed Air Systems


There are several piping materials suitable for use with compressed air systems. Some of the most common include plastic, stainless steel, copper, galvanized steel and black iron. Today, though, there’s a new material commonly used for these systems -; aluminum. Aluminum piping is ideal for these systems and is a viable option for several applications. Keep reading to learn why aluminum is the best material for the job.


Reduced Installation Costs


Like how aluminum sheets minneapolis mn help reduce costs for certain structures, aluminum piping can do the same for compressed air systems. If steel pipe is used for this system, more time is required to have it installed. A factor behind this is that steel pipes must be threaded to join the pipes and to install the needed fittings. If you want to thread the steel pipe properly, you must use specialized threading equipment, and someone with experience is needed. The skilled workers needed for this process cost more than unskilled workers, which increases installation costs.


Remember, threading pipes is dirty work. Cutting fluids must be used to achieve a good thread, and that must be cleaned off the pipe before the system can be used. The threading process also creates an array of debris. If a person were to modify and maintain their compressed air system with other materials, such as aluminum, the process isn’t involved, skill-intensive, or messy. This results in lower installation costs.


Minimize System Leaks


Another common problem with threaded connections is they will eventually leak. It’s thought that eight to 10 percent of all compressed air in a system will leak through the threaded connections. This results in the compressors having to run longer and harder, which drives up utility related costs.


Aluminum Piping Won’t Corrode


Steel pipe can allow moisture to build up in the system, causing the pipes to rust from the inside out. Even if the compressed air system has a moisture trap, some moisture will cause corrosion. Even the galvanized steel pipe will corrode, as not all pipes have been galvanized on the outside and the inside.


Corrosion can cause several issues, including restricted air flow because of the rough inner service that’s caked with deposits. Over time, the loose scale deposits can create drops in pressure, too. This makes the compressor must work harder to maintain the system’s pressure levels and in extreme cases, the scale may clog the line or damage the equipment connected to the line. There’s another issue, too. Loose scale and corrosion can affect air quality, making it unsuitable for applications that require clean air.


Using the Right Piping Material Matters


If an individual wants their compressed air system to operate as effectively and efficiently as it can, they must ensure it is properly maintained. This starts with using the right material. Aluminum piping offers all the benefits described above, and more, making it the ideal material to use for these systems. For those who still aren’t convinced this material is best, speak with the experts. They can ensure superior levels of satisfaction are achieved.